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Bridal Car Rental Singapore – How Many Cars Are Needed In On The Wedding Day

bridal car rental

A wedding day calls for a celebration. There are a lot of things that have to be done on a wedding day. From picking the perfect venue to the catering to the selection of perfect outfits, a wedding day requires a lot of planning and organizing. This also include transportation. Car rentals are one of the basic requirements on a wedding day. When it comes to bridal car rental Singapore has some amazing car rental service providers.  However, one must do a lot of planning before renting cars on a wedding day.  Some of the factors one must consider before renting vehicles for the big day are-


One must consider the budget and how much money has been put aside for the transport.


One must consider the ceremony and reception venue location.

Number of passengers

This is a very important factor to determine how many cars will be required for commuting. Unless the number of guests is a lot, two to three cars are enough for most weddings.

Bride’s car

This is the most important vehicle after all. A bride’s car should be prioritized and given the utmost importance.  A separate vehicle for bridesmaids must also be taken into consideration. A car with a private chauffeur is a must for the bride on her big day. One must also know that this car will also be used for the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony.

To know more about car rental services, one can check for the same online. The internet has a vast range of wedding transportation services that will be more than happy to guide anyone.