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DIY Manicure Like A Pro!

Getting a manicure and a pedicure is something that almost every woman does and sometimes even men. It is actually a healthy activity, especially when done right. A word of caution, while doing it by yourself is definitely safer, cheaper and takes less time, it could also have more room for mistakes especially if you are quite new to it. Therefore, with that being said, below is a compilation of tips for the rookie DIYer in nail polishing. Read on and familiarize yourself with these must do’s and must haves before taking a single brush.

Gather Your Materials

Since you have decided to do your own nails, it would be best if you acquire the proper materials for it. For one, source your nail polish from a reputable store like Pigmentos decoraciĆ³n, as they are among the foremost expert when it comes to nail polish products. Do not skimp on the quality of your manicure kit as lower quality and cheap products may not have come from proper quality assurance inspections and may have been made with inferior materials. What is worse is that it may actually harm your nails.

Educate Yourself

Secure the knowledge that you need because it is critical and knowing can be the difference between getting that look that you are looking for or a disaster. For instance, did you know that you are not supposed to cut your cuticles? The cuticles are there for a very important reason, they actually protect your nails from bacteria and fungi, and if they are cut you would be removing that protection. Or did you know that you can speed up the drying time of your freshly painted nails by dipping them in cold water? In addition, there are specific nail polishes for the top coat, the base coat, and proven methods to apply the coloration itself. Use the base coat as the base coat and not as a substitute for the top coat. You would be surprised as to how many people remain in amateurville because they do not follow what is in the label. You cannot use a base coat as the top coat because it will be dull and will not have that gloss and durability that a top coat will have. In a further analogy, using the top coat as a base coat will actually be counterproductive as it will not have the binding properties that the base coat will have to provide the proper adhesion for the nail polish to the actual nail. It is the little details like this that separate the amateur from the professional.

Preparation And Application

If you think about it, painting your nails is just like any other painting job at home or any other place. One has to thoroughly prepare the surface to be painted and the very same holds true for your nails. First, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes as this will make the cuticle easier to push and mold to your desired shape. This will also make cleaning excess and remaining old nail polish easier to remove. Once cleaned, start applying the base coat on your nails. Use the three stripes method for nail polish application, especially when applying the colored nail polish itself. Simply dab your brush into the nail polish bottle and get a droplet and put it on top of your nail in the middle part, near your cuticle. Then, put your brush in it and drag it gently to the top, while the bristles are splayed. Then do the dabbing thing again on that droplet but this time let it drop to the left side of your nails, letting the curve guide the brush and slowly guide it along the top as well. Repeat this process along the right side and you will get the most even coat of color. Apply several coats if needed and then apply the top coat after the recommended drying time.

Wrapping It Up

Following the above set of rules will turn you into a pro in no time at all even if starting from zero knowledge. Nail polishing is not really rocket science, and anyone putting in the time and effort into learning it will be able to master it in no time at all.