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How are terpenes obtained?

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There are many ways to extract terpenes from their natural sources. Some processes are necessary that modify the structure of the plants and insects that contain them to be able to separate these molecules from their sources cbd flower.

The main method of extracting terpenes from their source is through distillation.

Steam distillation

In this method, the plants or insects containing the terpenes are taken and boiled in an open container. As the vapors rise into the air, they are transported to a condenser which cools the vapor, returning it to its liquid form.

This liquid is collected in a container and the terpenes, which are oily and therefore float on the surface, can be extracted best cbd flower strains of 2021.


In this method, the material is only boiled and then left to cool, allowing the oily element containing the terpenes to rise to the surface.

This process can in many cases damage terpenes due to using higher temperatures.

Molecular distillation

This is the best way to extract terpenes. It requires a large number of special equipment and structures, capable of modifying the environmental pressure around the compound to extract high quality terpenes without damaging its structure, as it uses lower temperatures .

The terpenes that you can find in SUNDT’s Vital Shield were extracted with this method. Its blend contains several varieties of high quality terpenes.

People allergic to any ingredient in the formula

If you fall into one of these categories of people, be sure to consult your doctor about the use of terpenes.