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How to Quickly Become a PUBG Battle Royale Master

PUBG Battle Royale Master

PUBG or officially known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, looks simple on the surface but it is much deeper than it looks. It is appealing to many because it is now available on mobile platforms. This means you can download it on your phone and play for free without the need of a PC gaming rig.

Although PUBG mobile isn’t quite the same on consoles and PC, it is still close enough. With this, PUBG became one of the best games. You can play it wherever you go and with Pubg tutorial, what’s not to love?

Your goal here is to quickly become a PUBG “Battle Royale Master”. To achieve this, you need to learn the game better. It does not matter if you are a newcomer or you have played other mobile games – the important thing is you understand the game. Essentially, your aim is to survive and not to get the most kills.

A little research can go a long way, especially for beginners. To help you get started, here are some tips for players to quickly become a PUBG “Battle Royale Master”:

Setting up PUBG mobile

Setting up is easy but you have to remember the following things:

  • Choose login carefully: you can register as a guest or link your Facebook or Twitter. This means you have to connect your account. If you do not want to lose all your progress after switching to another tablet or phone, you should sync your data.
  • Prepare your phone: you must know that PUBG is a demanding game. This means your phone must be at its best, which entails removing anything you do not need and quitting all other apps.
  • Check the network: although there is not much you can do about your network, you should ensure that you have a lag-free experience. You should at least check your connection and your requirements.
  • Put headphones: PUBG offers great audio so it is right to put your headphones for a more immersive gaming experience. Putting your headphones is also wise because it can help you identify approaching enemies.

Familiarise PUBG lobby

When you start PUBG, you will be directed to the lobby where you can change the settings from picking the region server to adjusting frame rate, setting the graphics level, engaging HDR mode, adjusting aiming reticule, turning on/off assist and many more.

PUBG mobile

Understand the gaming modes

There are two gaming modes – Classic and Arcade. The Classic mode remains the same while the Arcade mode changed in many ways. If you want the longer 100-player game, you should consider the Classic mode. In Arcade, there are different modes like War, Quick Match, Sniper Training, and Mini-Zone.

Getting through the game

Whether you choose to be in a team or on your own, it can help to know the following tips to get you through the Pubg game:

  • Pick the right clothes: when going to war, you should think about your clothes tactically. This means you should pick muted shades and camouflage instead of flashy ones.
  • Freefall with speed: once you are out of the aircraft, you need to push forward on your controller then dive toward the ground. This will get you to the ground quickly this way you can gather weapons first.
  • Master the map: the map is important because it displays you the game area. You need to stay inside the area if you do not want to slowly die. To make it easy on your part, drop a marker on the map so you can see it in your compass helping you navigate to safe areas.
  • Know the best weapons: the best weapon for the close range is the suppressed Uzi with an extended mag. For sniping, it is the AWM. You must be aware that there is Pubg mobile wallhack, which is a tool that allows you to see through the structure.

Consider some alternatives

You will come across some alternatives to ease the game like https://game-hits.com/ or Pubg mobile hack IOS. There are many ways to ease the game if you open your mind to it. You should start by browsing mobile hacks or tools. These tools can help you add currency in the game. The access to infinite currency will allow you to customise your character and change almost all the game visualisation.

Aside from adding currency, Pubg pobile hack or third-party programs can also improve your PUBG gameplay. For instance, there is a wallhack that gives you a chance to see through any structure. In addition, you are given the chance to improve your accuracy through automated aiming.

Final words

Remember that PUBG is all about survival. For the next 25-30 minutes, you should do your best to survive if you want to be the “Battle Royale Master”. There are many tips and tricks you can consider, which means there are plenty of ways to survive. After mastering PUBG, you should proceed to Mobile Legends.