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How long weeds stay in your body

Detecting a weed in anyone’s body depends upon how much does each person is taking. Usually, it can be detectable for almost thirty days after the last time taken. Like all other drugs the weeds can also be found in hair, in hair it can be found for many months. There are many methods for how to get weed out of system if a person takes the weed on a daily basis then it can detectable for many months after their last use. Let us see the detection time period of weed in different parts of the body.

  • Urine testing: As per the medical process the weed in the urine can be found in different time periods according to the dose. For example, the person who takes weed once in a while will last for three days after the last use. If the person takes it in the moderate level that is four-time a week then it can last for seven days, The person who takes weed on a daily basis it lasts for fifteen days and the person who takes multiple time in a day for them it lasts for more than thirty days.
  • Blood testing: It has been found in research that the weed can be found in the bloodstream for two days after the last taken day. But the number of days increases to twenty-five for the person who takes it more frequently. A blood test is done in the laboratory to find out when was the weed taken last time.
  • Saliva testing: As per the analysis the weed can be found in saliva, if a person takes weed occasionally then it can be found within three days and if the person is a chronic user then it can be detected within twenty-nine days. The way through which the weed enters the saliva is smoking.
  • Hair testing: Through the blood cells the weed reaches the hair. The trace of the weed can be detected even after three months.


Hope the above information gives a clear picture of how many days weed stays at different parts of the body.