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How often does a gutter have to be cleaned

Leaves, plant seeds, plastic waste flying around all sorts of objects can collect in rain gutters. The result is when it rains, the channels become blocked and the water cannot drain away. This can lead to flooded sidewalks and damaged house facades. In the worst case, even the foundation of the house can suffer. Therefore, homeowners have a duty to regularly check and clean their gutters for possible clogs or hire people from handyman jobs in Jacksonville, NC.Especially in hard-to-reach places, you should have your gutter cleaned by a professional with the appropriate safety equipment.

Homeowners should clean their gutters twice a year. Spring and autumn are ideal for this. However, cleaning in autumn, before the winter frost sets in, is particularly important. In addition, leaves and foliage often clog gutters in the fall. These should definitely be removed before the onset of winter and before any snow melts. This way you can avoid potentially costly damage.

Another advantage of regular cleaning: Those who devote themselves to cleaning the gutter regularly know the areas that are particularly susceptible to dirt and where a lot of dirt collects. This saves time the next time you clean.

Right gutter cleaning equipment

In addition to a telescopic ladder, which should have non-slip rungs, you need

  • a shovel,
  • a hand broom and
  • construction gloves.

There is also a wide range of equipment for cleaning gutters available in specialist shops. Telescopic poles are particularly practical because you don’t have to constantly move the ladder and climb up and down it. A rubber lip attached to the pole allows you to clean the gutter in one go.There are also cleaning robots that remove dirt and leaves from gutters. You can simply place the little helpers in the gutter. You then clean them yourself with the help of brushes and rotor blades.

Do not use force to remove the dirt

First you should loosen the dirt in the gutter. You should not start cleaning in the middle, but always at the end of the gutter. However, it is important not to be too rough and scrape away the dirt with all your might.

If you do, you can damage the gutter. Therefore, you should first loosen the dirt with your hands with work gloves. Then you can remove the dirt. It makes sense if you immediately throw the dirt into a bucket. If you just sweep it on the floor, you’re doing double the work.