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Simple steps to make a chess board in paint

Now, you can entertain your friend with a chess game on your own painted game board. This game board is actually built from solid wood and also safeguarded with paint, which would endure many years of substantial game playing. You should preserve your paint board to hand down as a keepsake for other family members too. If you are much interested in making this first of all, you should know how to make chess board in paint? With some cautious computing, you can easily make a chessboard in paint to pleasure your family members and friends. To start, you can sand a board or table top smooth with the stumpy gravel sandpaper. Once you begin with rough gravel sandpaper, you can work on your own way to the best clasp sandpaper. Make sure the board must be level and plane to a touch. Also, you have to rub away the sawdust by using a wet cloth.

Useful tips to make paint chess board

When you make the paint chess board, you should stop pressing a craft knife intensely into the wood, especially when you scratch out the squares. Otherwise, it can slash the wood and also hurt a table. Instead of spray the painting for more bucolic appearance, you can attempt engraving the squares out of a square rubber stamp. The most important thing to consider while making this chess board is wearing the leather gloves to avoid against cuts and stains. You should also work in a well spacious area while working with the chemicals of any form to prevent absorption. When you draw the squares on board, you can wrap a full board by using a masking tape. You can make use of pencil and ruler to draw the squares and paint eight across and down to fill the complete 20-inch square. Every small square must be two and half inches high and wide.