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Types of rollers and how are they used?

Rollers are used in diverse industrial places for the processing of materials and product movements. There are conveyor rollers used primarily for conveyance purposes. Also, rollers are the roller material present at the point of contact. Further, linear slideare sometimes used with the rollers to make it a perfect fit. Now rollers are of different varieties and used for various purposes.

Various types of rollers are used.

  1. Metallic rollers

These are used for sustaining heavy components as they carry the heavy bearing load with medium touch. Likewise, it offers the workforce of rollers for higher loads. All of these rollers are used for crowned or straight geometry. It is used for wide ranges like a set screw or mounting methods.

  1. Rubber rollers

It helps in applications that hold significant contacts and friction. Further, these rollers, along with linear slide, are used in places where they cannot sustain damage to the surface or as a whole. It is used for material processing industries where light materials like textiles or paper are used.

  1. Resin rollers

These rollers perform similar to rubber rollers but are used in metallic core bases. Besides, applications require a soft touch or instances where resin coatings are to be used. These rollers are used mainly for the packaging industries or material storage applications.

  1. Pipe rollers

These rollers are used in hollow pipes targeting the roller bearings at the end of the lines. Secondly, it tightens all the solid pipe holdings as it is easier for human-made applications. They come in a variety of sizes. The available sizes are 18mm to 100mm and even more.


Also, be careful with the materials used for making the rollers. Further, stainless steel and low-cost aluminum are preferred the most by all people.