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New Approach in Treating Autism / ADHD

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To understand the modern approach, one has to know about the conventional approach. Diagnosing autism in the early stages can help improve the condition. The Conventional approach of autism centers in Singapore follows an Early intervention program (EIP). In this program, autistic kids will learn self-regulation and regular working habits in the beginning. Slowly they are introduced to learn socializing skills by engaging in group activities. The aim of this is to regulate their behavior. Even parents are trained in counselling services singapore centers. Here they will train parents or caregivers with sufficient skills and knowledge to help kids.

The above-mentioned program completely depends on behavioral observation. It doesn’t focus on the study of the brain. But there is a significant improvement in brain study and this knowledge will give rise to new approaches.

Two important techniques are used in studying changes in the brain in autistic kids or adults. Brain mapping and Neuroplasticity are combined to study changes in the brain. This will help in understanding autism in a better way. Autism centers in Singapore are using this program to improve the lifestyle of autistic kids and adults. In this program, they give short neuroplasticity sessions which stimulate specific areas in the brain. Some exercises are assigned to autistic kids or adults which helps in stimulating the brain. Along with this, they give nutritional supplements to support brain health. After undergoing this treatment for some sessions, a brain scan will be done to observe the changes. Brain scan reports before and after the treatment will help in understanding how it improves autism conditions. Some case studies showed significant improvement after treatment.