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Home Security 101: Identifying Different Types of Motion Sensors

Types of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can also be called motion detectors. It is a component of home security that is widely used in houses these days. The traditional purpose of the motion sensor is to detect movement of intruders but many people use it for other reasons like detecting if pets or kids enter a restricted room or when someone in the house is breaking the curfew.

For state of the art home security system, there are companies that you can consider. You can also try do-it-your own security system by simply installing motions sensors found in www.select-controls.com/motion.html. The first thing that you should do is to secure motion sensors. By conducting your own research at the same time asking technicians, you can successfully mount motion sensors. You know the different types of motion sensors so you will know which one to purchase.

motion sensors

Here’s a list of the different types of motion sensors:

Passive Infrared (PIR)

PIR is a technology that can detect body heat. PIR is actually one of the most common motion sensors. When the system is armed, it means it is activated. The sensor is designed to sense movements and heat in surrounding areas creating grid zones. If there is a moving object blocking many grid zones, the alarm will be automatically triggered.


This kind of sensor has the ability to sense vibration. You can make a homemade sensor but it can be unreliable. It is better to buy it. They say that vibration follows chaos. Low rumble or small shake is normal but if there is more vibration, it means the normal flow is interrupted and that means something else.

Area Reflective Type

Area reflective type motion sensor employs Light-emitting Diode (LED) to reflect infrared rays. The reflection of infrared rays will enable the sensor to measure the distance of the object or person. It will alarm if an object or person is near or inside the area.

Dual Technology Motion Sensors

In dual technology motion sensor, it employs two motion sensor technologies for accuracy since it joins the features of two alarm systems. However, this doesn’t mean that it is totally perfect as it can also cause false alarms.

MicroWave (MW)

MW will send out pulses at the same time measure a moving object’s reflection. This is effective compared to infrared sensors as it can cover more area. The disadvantage is it is prone to electrical interference. It also costs more compared to other sensors.

Aside from the types, you also need to know about other features in determining which one to purchase. One feature you need to consider is wireless motion sensors that are easy to set up since they do not require drilling and other works. There is also this contact motion sensor that is commonly used for doors and windows. Another one that you can consider is pet immune motion sensor. This kind of sensor will ignore animals depending on specified weight. Lastly, video motion sensors start to record when it sensed movement.

When you are ready to mount, make sure that the sensors are free from obstructions as any change in temperature or light can trigger the alarm. Identify the best places to put the alarm and make sure to put it discreetly.