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How to Select Home Renovation Company in Singapore?

renovation company Singapore

Many people in Singapore have found themselves staying the waking nightmare after undertaking the renovation projects. And some of them are victims of the unscrupulous and incompetent contractors, however, responsibility falls on homeowner – selecting the best contractor is highly important in this struggle to keep your sanity & pocketbook intact after the renovation job. So, here are some guidelines that must help you to make the right decision as well as keep your dream from getting derailed.

Take time in selecting the contractor

You need to talk too many and find out one that has your vision. You require good rapport and trust that person, since there are modifications to plan or budget as work progresses. You have to be on same page from first day itself and have good communication or there likely will be conflicts, so make sure you choose the best renovation company Singapore.

Check out contractor’s references

Talk to many previous clients or get the good idea about their client’s history with contractor. Is there any kind of conflicts? Delays or cost overruns? Will client call contractor again? Never be afraid in asking questions – it is your house and you will need to live with results for many years to come, thus do not jump in the headlong without even considering many factors.


It is the good idea that you find out if the potential choice is member of any association, nationwide program made to help the homeowners to find the renovation professionals adhere to the codes of ethics and conduct and provide complete contracts, guarantees as well as liability insurance.