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Jay Sekulow- Best Selling Author

legal matters

Being a bestselling author is no mean feat. Jay Sekulow has several books to his credit which have transcended borders and have been sold worldwide. The readers have lapped up his ideas and view points as he and his co authors in some of the books have illustrated with vivid examples and case studies to prove how they have to the conclusion that the world is such a dire state of affairs. Why we should take charge and not wait for doomsday. He quite a media savvy person and has been so for many years right from online content to him broadcasting on tv and radio, he has pretty much occupied the all forms of communication and connect with the masses.

Jay Sekulow books

Writings and views in his books – a must read

 He has taken bold stances in his books and is versed in legal matters which makes see all injustices meted on people who would like to express their freedom of speech and religion. He has also pointed in his books, how radical Islam can have an impact on the world how the holy wars are taking shape in the form ISIS and Hamas which have the savage brutality of mass killings and other barbaric acts against human race, Jay has cleverly researched for years how the fringe elements became a force to reckon with international backing and funds. Leaders were not aware of the repercussions it would have on world peace and economic stability. But it has already been too late for some to realise as these radicals have increased in number pose a grave threat to humanity as stated in many of Jay Sekulow books.

The books have depth and a lot of concern and leaders who are in formidable positions can come together bring about changes and vow to bring peace and destroy people who aren’t for the cause of humanity. He has clearly explained and seen to after setting up centres of ACJ in countries where Christians are a minority, they have seen that injustices are stopped or compensated to the people who have suffered as a minority.