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 Avenue South Residence

One of the basic features or needs of normal life is the perfect place to live in. Without the perfect home, life becomes really dull and colorless. Living needs to be organized, living needs to be convenient. Home is a place we all go to at the end of the day, when we are too tired for anything else. It is a safe space, a safe haven for us and our peers and family members. There’s nothing like the sanctity and warmth of our own living spaces. Therefore, the decision that goes into choosing one, needs to be a really well-thought and reasonable decision.

 Avenue South Residence

The Affinity at Serangoon is one of the most amazing residential places in Singapore. It is known for its fabulous lifestyle, amazing units, convenience and comfort. There are various features that make Affinity one of the best residential plots in all of Singapore. There are several things that help Affinity provide its residents with the most luxurious style of living. If we look into the site and floor plan of Affinity, we’d know why.


The site and floor plan of Affinity truly help in distinguishing it from any other residential places in singapore. Among the various amenities present here, you’d find several swimming pools and indoor gyms, playground for your kids, BBQ pits, park for the people, jogging tracks and several other things. Other than these amenities, Affinity also has a huge connection of roadways connecting to the main expressways and even theme parks for the better transport of the residents.

You can also find three amazing and exclusive islands that offer you fantastic services at the Serangoon Condo. These places include the Alfresco Kitchen for your culinary needs, a clubhouse equipped with a floating gym and Sky BBQ, Island BBQ and a pool deck for your leisure time as well. There are extensive water elements including a 50mm lap pool, Aqua Gym, Sanctuary Pool, Spas and Family and Wading pools fat your disposal. You can also find quality fittings from Borsch Appliances Mitsubishi Aircon services and many more available in your room.

For the several flooring plans, there are different and individual flooring plans available on their official site that you can check for various types of apartments. There are separate and great flooring plans for one bedroom, two bedrooms, and even penthouse+4-bedroom apartments. The Affinity at Serangoon floor plan is amazing and will give all the more reasons to choose this residential place.