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Lap in the luxury and opulence of the Mega yachts and be amazed

Mega yachts and be amazed

The idea of owning a moving dream house lapped in luxury and comfort, sailing on the high seas and enjoying the deep oceans is what makes the purchase of a mega yacht very endearing for the rich and famous. They can almost be compared with a private floating island as the yachts these days are equal in size and grandeur. These mega yachts give the sense of oceanic freedom and independence which makes their purchase all the more appealing to the buyers. In general yachts that are 80 feet or more in length are considered as luxury yachts. To qualify as Mega yachts according to professionals, the yacht must be at least 148 feet in length. Another key quality of these luxury yachts to be called mega yachts is the element of luxury. The ship must meet specific criteria in terms of its spaciousness, interiors and the amenities it carries. The yacht brokerage firms always advice their clients to visit and inspect as many of these shipping vessels as possible by providing them a list of mega yachts for sale which are built by highly reputed companies in the yachting industry.

purchase of a mega yacht

There are three different operation models of these luxury yachts. The first one is where the owners buy it for their own personal use and maintains a crew for its upkeep. The second model is where the owners buy these multi-million dollar vessels for commercial purposes and charters them throughout the year making business profits even when they are not present on-board. The third owners are a combination of both first and second where they use it for personal visits and charter them while they are away. These exuberant vessels can accommodate around 30-0 guests and around 60 crew members based on the length and the specifications of the yacht.

The pricing of mega yachts for sale depends upon the amenities it carries and its various other constructional features. According to industry reports, a medium sized yacht would be priced at 275 million dollars on an average; where the maintenance costs run up to 10% of the purchase price each year. The different amenities present in these mega yachts may include 10-12 cabins (some above and few below water levels), sauna and steam rooms, satellite TV, private theatre, mini submarines, scuba and snorkelling gear, etc. A well trained crew who are seafaring pros is quite essential for the yacht to function perfectly at any given time. On the whole a true mega yacht is a luxury to behold.