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Get to know more and more about programming languages!!


This world of digital has drastically changed our lives. We are addicted to it very easily. When we talk about doing something big in life we think about learning various languages that are programming languages. So in graduation in computer science, those who opt for this know some basic of the language. They can further build a career in it. So why to wait. The best part of them is they try to know more about it. So in this article, we will be learning about the elastic video tutorials, weka tutorial and also ansible tutorial. So the world of technology has drastically got to know about the best from it. There is various online tutorial who will provide you with a brilliant phenomenon. The best part of technology is that it neither demand from you anything nor it predicts anything. So let’s begin.


REST API platform. This platform will help you to easily update,delete,retrieve,create data. The first and foremost step to beginners who want to gain elasticsearch video tutorial knowledge should install the elastic search software. And to install this you first need to install java on your pc. After installing java kindly install the elastic speech with wget. When we talk about the recent version is 1.5.2.So the get method is used at that time only if you know the I’d of that document. Hence on other side search method is used to find out the multiple documents. You can search for them online more in-depth. The software related issues like an array, searching array in a programming language can also be seen. After you install and run the program you will know the difference of it. Just have the basic knowledge of java to do so.

Weka knowledge

Weka tutorial is also important and easy to learn. In this, we learn about the data mining which includes the machine Learning algorithm. Similarly as of the above language here also some programming languages knowledge is required and especially Java. Here the code is automatically runes by the java code. You don’t have to put any code to run it. It is actually very easy and portable to learn. We can say that weka is actually a collection of various tools of regression, clustering etc. In weka, we will find the classifier which is not at all different than traditional machines. In this, the difference between more than one class can be done easily. Now they have the various tips and tricks to cope up. So you might be clear about the fact of This. For joining the tutorial you can simply rely online on. You can also enrollin the course or simply can learn the basics from youtube.

programming languages

Important point

Some important points to be kept in mind which are as follows:

  • It will provide you with different machine learning algorithm for data mining.
  • It is also very easy and efficient to use.
  • You can perform various experiments while scripting it.
  • Lastly, you can notice that it is basically good at the graphical user interface.

Ansible knowledge

In fact, we can say that Ansible tutorial will give you the better experiments and experience when working with this. You don’t have to irritate and frustrate because it will not take more time of yours. It will be utilized in the lesser time. Actually, you can see that the new technology blogs will be created which will give you the final and finish touch to deal with them.You don’t have to worry more about anything. For certain series of performing the task we can call ansible configuration a playbook. The playbook is written in YAML syntax. As you should know that the open source is maintained by ansible Inc. The first time it was released in 2012. Most probably in 2015, The red hat has acquired the ansible. You can say that due to growing popularity and trend of red hat ansible is growing day by day in IT firm.

Important point

  • The task performed by playbook and the certain rules and regulations of it.
  • The various inventories.
  • Also, certain types of variables which will include the number of hosts and group.
  • Also teaches you the secure handling of password if by change its
  • Certain types of failure to handle with care
  • And lastly, teach some interesting facts and figures and also some new and cool things like by ansible galaxy.


Whatever you learn in life can be achieved in life fluently. You can’t deny the fact that learning is the most important feeling of our life. We can’t achieve anything in life without it. Try to learn so that you can achieve something in life big. The main thing is to set the goal in life which will push you to do anything in life.