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Top 3 LAN Messengers for Windows

LAN Messengers for Windows

In a school or office environment, security plays a key role and you do not want your data and messages to be viewed, shared or hacked by any third party. But even in that restricted environment if you want to connect with your friends and send files at a high speed then what is the possible solution. Data sharing has become a necessity in today’s world and giving access to USB ports and CD drives can be dangerous for the privacy of your data. In that case, lan messenger is the best alternative. There are several applications that are available for windows, mac, Android and other platforms and one must choose based on your requirements and convenience.

Best LAN messengers

What is LAN?

Also known as local area network, this network is restricted to an office or a particular location and connects computers within that limited area. It is popular to use this kind of network at home, office, school and they work without any need of internet. You can even play games and share files and images with this service. But this requires a wired connection.

What is LAN messenger?

This is a software which allows users to send and receive messages and files at a high speed within the LAN without the need of an internet connection. You can even do a conference with your employees. Here we bring to you the list of top LAN Messenger for Windows —

Best LAN messengers —

  1. Softros LAN messenger – This is one of the best lan messenger available for windows. This has an instant chat feature and the UI is quite user-friendly making it super easy to configure and use. Other notable features include easy installation, group messaging, file sharing, offline messaging, security, and privacy.
  2. LAN messenger – This free service allows the user to communicate without any internet server. It provides features such as file transfer, instant messaging, message history, personal as well as group messaging and broadcasting facility.
  3. Tonic – This is also a popular free LAN messenger that needs no server. It is a handy tool with image avatar, chat history and file transfer support as well as group chat.